Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I Won a Cube iT Funbites Giveaway!

My sister and I entered the Funbites Giveaway hosting by Minebento.. and we won! Yatta!!.. err actually my sister did.. but I still can use the Cube iT as well haha (^_^)..

We were so lucky to be picked as a winner. te-hee (^_^)v... Tq Funbites.. Tq Minebento.. and the parcel reached us yesterday all the way from Jakarta.. Arigato gozaimasu!!

~ happy mode (^-^)/

oh!.. On top of that.. I received the picks and cupcake decor that I bought from Bentocraft too (^___^).. Suki des!! ..and thanx Bentocraft for the free gift (^_^)v..

~ Double happy mode \(^-^)

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